Will Planning Solicitors

Nearly two thirds of UK adults have not prepared a Will governing how they want to leave their assets when they die, risking unnecessary problems and higher taxation through intestacy law.

Those with an existing Will should conduct a review at key life events or as part of regular planning exercises to make sure the document is still valid and reflects current wishes including:

  • On marriage, civil partnership or divorce
  • On death to a family member or beneficiary of your Will
  • When you have children or grandchildren

Structuring & Planning

Any new Will needs to take account of the following:

  • Who your Executors and Trustees should be
  • Tax efficient strategies
  • Any foreign assets you own or may own in the future
  • Any existing foreign Wills
  • Any business assets and to whom they should be left to
  • How to protect family members (including minors) from receiving assets too early through the use of trusts
  • Charitable donations in a tax efficient manner
  • Other structures such as benefits under trusts and pension funds and our Wills will integrate with associated planning received from other advisors 

We advise on all aspects of Will preparation including:

  • High Net Worth (HNW) individuals on their Will drafting/planning
  • Tax efficient Wills
  • Wills before Marriage or Civil Partnership
  • Wills after a Divorce
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