Commercial Property Portfolio Solicitors

The asset management industry now has to adapt to the significant major changes to property usage, which will reshape how property is utilised and will operate for years to come.

Recently, the ways in which we work, shop and play have reduced the physical usage of some properties, while enhancing the need for others.  There has been a drive by landlords to retain tenants to preserve their incomes. Landlords continue to seek opportunities to improve the quality and permitted objects for use of their buildings and land. Such improvements are often required by environmental measures and by their investors and tenants – and third parties - calling for them to act in a sustainable fashion. Landlords may look to increase headline rent and revenue streams as a result.

We enjoy working with investors to help build, manage and sometimes redevelop their commercial property portfolios. These include offices, buildings, industrial, warehouse and retail property. 

We invest time getting to know our clients’ businesses and portfolios so we can identify practical solutions and give a hands-on dedicated service that satisfies both our clients and their tenants.

NSS Legal Limited can assist with:

  • Licences (to occupy, assign, sublet, alter)
  • Deeds of variation
  • Lease renewals
  • Lease surrenders
  • Wayleave Agreements


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