Estate Planning Solicitors

The estate planning solicitors at NSS Legal Ltd offer comprehensive guidance on structuring your personal and business assets to optimise estate tax efficiency while trying to ensure as seamless a transfer as possible to your intended beneficiaries.

Estate planning is a dynamic and vital process, ensuring the protection and preservation of assets for future generations. It requires careful consideration of evolving circumstances, budgetary changes, and legal developments.

Beyond asset structuring, NSS Legal Ltd can assist with broader estate planning considerations, including:

Lifetime Gifts

Navigating the complexities of estate reduction through gifting, taking into account individual nil rate bands and potential tax exemptions. We provide expert advice on maximizing tax-friendly gifting options and claiming available reliefs.

Family investment companies (FICs)

Exploring the advantages of establishing a Family Investment Company, a popular vehicle for generational wealth planning. We guide clients on utilising FICs for asset retention, growth distribution, and tax efficiency, offering an alternative to traditional Trust structures.


Harnessing the benefits of pensions in estate planning, where assets often fall outside the scope of inheritance tax. We coordinate advice with your actuaries or financial advisors on optimising pension beneficiary designations for comprehensive management and consideration of the assets.

Life policies

Providing strategic counsel on structuring life insurance policies within trusts to mitigate inheritance tax and streamline probate processes. Our expertise extends to trustee appointments, beneficiary classifications, and articulating wishes for fund utilisation.

Other planning tools

Reviewing and updating Wills, Lasting Powers of Attorney, and existing trusts to ensure alignment with current objectives and legal frameworks. We offer tailored solutions to address individual planning needs effectively.

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